Fiberglass phone mount

Nobody makes a working bicycle mount for the Moto X Pure so it's DIY.

Phone in a sandwich bag then a soft coper plate covers the screen and top.

Another sandwich bag to repel epoxy.

Two squares of fiber on the back (for later mount attachment), four wraps around the bottom, and two wraps vertically. Place in a bag and suck the air and excess epoxy out. Warm with an incandescent lamp if it's cold.

Ready to cut.

Carefully cut down to the copper plate.

Pull the top off.

Pry the phone out.

Still boots and no cuts on the screen!

Rough trimming down to the reinforced area.

Trimmed to fit, sanded, and painted. Slippery tape makes sure the phone doesn't wear through the paint into the abrasive fiberglass. Not shown - part of the back was masked from painting so it can be glued to a generic handlebar clamp.

The long side is flexible and bent down to insert and remove the phone.

Raw camera photos are here
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